Contact Lens FAQ

(Q.) Why is a contact lens evaluation/fitting necessary? What can I expect during my visit?

(A.) The time spent taking measurements and performing a fitting is extensive. Tests done beyond a routine eye exam which are considered contact lens related may include some of the following:

– Consideration of all lenses available on the market to determine best fit, improved comfort and vision, and increased oxygen availability to the cornea.
– Test of vision with trial contact lenses will determine which prescription would best sharpen visual focus. Dr. Andrasz will measure the front curvature of your eye and the back curvature of the contact lens to see if they match. The movement of a contact lens is very important for the health of your eye.  An examination will help to determine if the lens centers and moves properly with a blink.
– Evaluation under the microscope will assist in determining if the contact lens is causing any discomfort or medically oriented problems you may not be aware of.
 In addition, Dr. Andrasz will discuss routine contact lens cleaning regiments, duration of lens wearing , and environmental factors that may affect comfort.

 (Q.) After my office visit with Dr. Andrasz, how do I order my new contact lenses?

(A.) At the conclusion of your visit, you may be given trial lenses to wear and test out for several days. This is not always necessary, and depends on several factors such as; change of prescription strength, desire to change brands, etc. If so, we ask that you keep  the original container your lenses came in, and pay close attention to the comfort, clarity, and preference you may have throughout the coming days. Once you have found a lens that best fits your visual needs, please call our office at (609)-298-1072 and let the staff know that you are satisfied and ready to order! Our policy is to:

– Waive your contact lens evaluation fee when you order lenses though our office.
– Offer free shipping on any size order when shipped to/picked up at our office.
– Extend free home delivery to you on any order of 1yr or greater lens supply.
– Offer a warranty on all brands against rips, tears, or defects.

(Q.) What lens brands do you sell?

(A.) We specialize in fitting you with the very best of brands, styles, and comfort for your everyday visual needs! We use the latest, most advanced lenses to ensure the best visual clarity, thin edges, and soft materials for enhanced comfort and maximum oxygen to the eye. Whether you need a toric, multifocal, spherical, colored, RGP, daily, weekly, or monthly lens, we offer a wide selection of brands including but not limited to:

Acuvue,  Air Optix,  Avaira Vitality,  Biofinity, Biofinity Energys,  Biomedics 55 UV Premier,  Clariti,  Extreme H20,  Dailies (Focus and Aqua Comfort),  Frequency 55,  Fresh Look,  My Day,  Preference,  Proclear,  Pure Vision,  SofLens… and more!

(Q.) How do I redeem my contact lens rebate?

(A.)  You just need to have a receipt for your lens fitting/evaluation and eligible contact lens transactions, and be able to provide two end panels from your contact lens packaging. This information can then be sent to the appropriate company to issue your rebate card.

For your convenience, please click HERE for a downloadable copy of CooperVision’s rebate.



*Please be advised: Contact lens evaluations/fittings are considered elective, not part of the routine eye exam, and therefore any charges incurred which are not covered by insurance will be your financial responsibility as the patient. When a lens purchase is made, contact lens evaluation charges may be waived, however, we do not waive charges for new contact lens fittings. We do require that all contact lens purchases be paid in full at the time of purchase. (For VSP insured patients, we will apply your coverage allowance towards the price of your lenses.) We accept credit card payments by phone. Sorry, we do not currently accept American Express.