Earth Day Sale

On Earth Day and every day, we honor our amazing planet for its beauty and for providing us with many resources and an environment that sustains us. We are appreciative and mindful of the gifts that we receive each and every day from our precious earth, our home.

At Bordentown Family Eye Care we are committed to the effort to reduce waste and to reuse & recycle as much as possible. Our paper products are from recycled sources, and we provide only paper bags when needed. We recycle most things, allowing less to enter the landfill, and we are also starting to use some solar energy sources.

We hope that YOU will join US in our initiative to help preserve OUR planet. During the months of April & May we are showcasing two amazing eyewear brands:

Earth Day inspires us to share with you the functional, fashionable ECO frame line which is constructed of recycled materials. This brand proudly promotes its own agenda by planting a tree for each and every frame sold.

With May soon approaching, Mother’s Day is a fabulous time to say “Thank you!” to Mother Earth for her renewable resources. Wearing a pair of handmade walnut, elm, and even pine cone infused frames by Shwood is another way to respect the resources around us, and share the beauty of nature.

Donate your old and gently used pair of glasses to receive a discount of 50% off of ECO brand eyewear. If you are unable to donate your used eyewear, we still invite you to participate in our earth conscience initiative by extending a 25% off discount of any ECO or Shwood brand of eyewear.

(VSP patients: Sale cannot be used in combination with insurance benefits. Please ask our staff about the best sale option for you.)

Spring Sale 2018









Annual Spring Clearance Sale – Going on now thru March 31st.

Stop in and browse our wide selection of fashionable eyewear from great brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West, Kate Spade, Flexon, Skaga, Banana Republic, Eco, Modo, Evatik, Fysh, Kliik, Hugo Boss and many more! Enjoy a discount of 50% off all OGI, Seraphin, and Innotec eyewear, as well as 20% off all Shwood hand-crafted eyewear. All other frames are also on sale, so be sure to come in soon!

New patients are always welcome at our office. As well as being wheel cheir accessible, the office of Dr. Lisa Andrasz and her staff hope to accomodate your needs with weekly late-night appointment availability, contact lens fittings, and prompt treatment of eye related conditions, diseases, and emergencies.

*Discounts may not be used in combination with VSP allowances.


February – A Message From Dr. Andrasz

“February is Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) Awareness month. AMD is the leading cause of blindness among older Americans. Fortunately, new treatments have dramatically changed the course of the disease, making it more manageable than ever before. Although recent treatment advances can help save vision, early detection is still critical. With regards to prevention, remember what most of our moms have told us growing up… “Eat your greens!” The Macular area is made up of pigments: Lutein, Meso-zeaxanthin, and Zeaxanthin which need to be continuously replenished. There are many plants that contain lutein, particularly the dark leafy greens. Plant carotenoids act as antioxidants which absorb wavelengths of light ranging from 400-550 nm (violet-green light). Blue light (450-495 nm) has particularly been found to be harmful to this part of the retina. So, remember to eat your kale or consider supplementation.” – Dr. Lisa Andrasz

A Message From Dr. Andrasz

“Bordentown Family Eyecare is pleased to report that the proceeds from Dr. Lavine Day will provide approximately 150 people in need with eye care and glasses in an underdeveloped country. A special thanks to his wife, Marlene Lavine, who also contributed to this very worthy cause. Dr. Lavine’s memory continues to help others see the world more clearly!” – Dr. Lisa Andrasz

Glaucoma Awareness Month

Happy 2018! We would like to wish everyone much peace, joy, optimum visual clarity and great ocular health in the new year and always!

January is Glaucoma Awareness Month. Glaucoma is a leading cause of blindness in the U.S. It is a slowly progressive disease as there are typically no real symptoms. Vision loss occurs at such a gradual rate that is not noticeable until significant loss has occured. The damage is irreversible once it occurs, fortunately, the disease is treatable. Therefore, one’s best defense is a routine comprehensive eye exam which would detect the signs of this silent disease.


Holiday Office Hours

**ATTENTION PATIENTS** Our office will be closed on the following dates:

Monday, Dec. 25th thru Monday Jan. 1st in observance of the Christmas/Holiday Season and New Year’s Day. We will resume normal office hours on Tuesday, Jan. 2nd.

If you are experiencing an eye emergency during any of these dates, please do not hesitate to call our emergency phone number: 609-731-0626. Leave your name, phone number, and a brief description of your symptoms on the answering machine, and someone will promptly be able to assist you.

We wish you and your family a happy, healthy Holiday Season & New Year!

Thankful – A Message From Dr. Andrasz

“At Bordentown Family Eye Care, November is about being thankful! Thankful for our brave veterans, thankful for the amazing community that we get to be a part of, and thankful for those who paved the way before us. Dr. Sidney Lavine paved the way for me and on Monday, November 13th, we will celebrate him! In his memory and honor, we will donate all of the exam proceeds from that day to a great organization: Optometry Giving Sight which is a global initiative striving to eradicate blindness by helping those in need of vision care.” – Dr. Lisa Andrasz

Happy Halloween!


Happy Halloween from Bordentown Family Eye Care!

Stone-Face is modeling a piece from FYSH’s newest collection of eyewear. If you want a trendy, ‘boulder’ look this season, this is a great frame choice! We think this frame brings out the life in her smile, don’t you?

Our friend Frankie is keeping it cool this fall with a frame designed by MODO. Lightweight, polarized, and best of all: Titanium! This frame perfectly compliments Frankie’s built-in metal accessories!

Come by the office this Halloween for spooky sales and surprises! All Seraphin, OGI, and Innotec frames are 40% off, as well as all children’s frames. We hope to see you!


Remembering Dr. Sidney Lavine

“We are saddened by the recent passing of Dr. Sidney Lavine. Dr. Lavine was my predecessor, mentor and friend. He started the practice over 60 years ago with the vision of providing exceptional eye care for the entire family in a very personalized environment. When Dr. Lavine decided to retire in 1996, I was honored with the opportunity of continuing what he began. I have always been appreciative for the trust and confidence that he bestowed upon me. For the past 21 years, we have strived to uphold his vision of excellence.

Dr. Lavine will be fondly remembered and missed for his gentle, caring, generous nature, his profound optimism, progressive thinking, great sense of humor and his love of the arts.” -Lisa Andrasz

“Tour The World” In Bordentown City

Bordentown Family Eye Care is representing our beloved country, The United States of America for Bordentown City’s “Tour the World” event this month! We are proud to support U.S. made whenever possible. Our Shwood line of eyewear showcases what it means to be American-made: quality, innovation, and attention to design! Come by the office July 14th-31st and enjoy a discount of 30% off the entire line! (Discount can not be used in combination w/ VSP benefits.)