Spring is in the Air

Bulbs are emerging,
Buds are popping,
The ground is warming,
And allergens are swarming

Daffodils are yellow,
Hyacinths are blue,
The eyes are not feeling mellow
As they’re a rich red hue.

Spring is in the air and so are the allergens! If you are suffering with red, itchy, watery eyes don’t fret! Here are a few simple tips to improve your comfort:
-Rinse eyes with cold water, especially after being outside.
-Apply very cold compress i.e. ice packs
-Resist the urge to rub, which releases more histamine
-Flush the nasal passages with saline, which can reduce the allergens from setting into the eyes.

If these measures do not produce enough relief, then consider a topical antihistamine drop. An oral antihistamine can be taken in addition if systemic symptoms like sneezing and nasal congestion occur.

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