Spring is in the Air

Bulbs are emerging,
Buds are popping,
The ground is warming,
And allergens are swarming

Daffodils are yellow,
Hyacinths are blue,
The eyes are not feeling mellow
As they’re a rich red hue.

Spring is in the air and so are the allergens! If you are suffering with red, itchy, watery eyes don’t fret! Here are a few simple tips to improve your comfort:
-Rinse eyes with cold water, especially after being outside.
-Apply very cold compress i.e. ice packs
-Resist the urge to rub, which releases more histamine
-Flush the nasal passages with saline, which can reduce the allergens from setting into the eyes.

If these measures do not produce enough relief, then consider a topical antihistamine drop. An oral antihistamine can be taken in addition if systemic symptoms like sneezing and nasal congestion occur.

World Sight Day 2019

World Sight Day BORDENTOWN NJWe are gearing up for WORLD SIGHT DAY on Thursday, October, 10th. We are joining in with Optometry Giving Sight to be a part of their challenge to help end avoidable blindness and vision impairment worldwide.

Unfortunately, there are more than 1.2 billion people around the world who are blind or vision impaired because they don’t have access to an eye exam and a pair of glasses.  Our goal is to help this great effort to ensure less children are limited by poor vision. We will be donating the proceeds from the exams that day to this worthy cause. In addition, we will be donating $5.00 for every frame sold during the month of October. #GivingFeelsBetterThanReceiving

Contact Lens Recycling Campaign – Win a Pair of Sunglasses

Coopervision Contact Lens RecyclingAt Bordentown Family Eye Care, we could not be more excited about summer! To us, this season represents spending more time outdoors, especially at the beach, fun family vacations, and of course, trendy sunglasses! During the months of August and September we will be raffling off sunglasses to help promote our contact lens recycling campaign. We are very concerned about the amount of waste generated from contact lens packaging and it’s impact on our environment. So, simply bring in your empty contact lens blister packs to be recycled and enter our raffle to win a sunglass for being an environmentalist!

Our oceans are being inundated with so much plastic waste that it is found in 25% of all fish. A startling statistic is that by the year 2050, there will be more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish. Therefore, we aim to do our part and you can help too!

Please watch the following video which explains the dire situations of our oceans – you will be amazed!