Routine Eye Care

For all ages, a routine eye exam includes an evaluation of the visual system and health of the ocular system taking into account the whole body. Exams are tailored for the age of the patient.

At Bordentown Family Eye care, we strive to provide the best in eye care. As a result, our office uses the last technology to aid in the diagnosis of various eye-related diseases. We use digital imaging to evaluate the health of the ocular system. We also use digital technology in the processing of our eyeglass lenses which allows for greater precision and optical clarity.

2The Geriatric Exam – is designed to provide the utmost of care to this population. This exam may be more focused on eye-related diseases as well as the impact of systemic diseases on the eye, maximizing vision for those with visual impairments and most importantly, providing a caring and comfortable environment.

0613171851The Pediatric Exam – May require additional testing to ensure proper vision, eye focusing, eye teaming and tracking skills. Acuity of vision and these visual skills are necessary to allow for proper vision development and overall visual comfort which aids performance in school. The American Optometric Association recommends that all children have a complete vision and eye health examination at the age of 6 months, 3 years, upon entering kindergarten and routine care every 1-2 years thereafter ( We provide a comfortable, safe and fun environment for kids.