Earth Day Sale

On Earth Day and every day, we honor our amazing planet for its beauty and for providing us with many resources and an environment that sustains us. We are appreciative and mindful of the gifts that we receive each and every day from our precious earth, our home.

At Bordentown Family Eye Care we are committed to the effort to reduce waste and to reuse & recycle as much as possible. Our paper products are from recycled sources, and we provide only paper bags when needed. We recycle most things, allowing less to enter the landfill, and we are also starting to use some solar energy sources.

We hope that YOU will join US in our initiative to help preserve OUR planet. During the months of April & May we are showcasing two amazing eyewear brands:

Earth Day inspires us to share with you the functional, fashionable ECO frame line which is constructed of recycled materials. This brand proudly promotes its own agenda by planting a tree for each and every frame sold.

With May soon approaching, Mother’s Day is a fabulous time to say “Thank you!” to Mother Earth for her renewable resources. Wearing a pair of handmade walnut, elm, and even pine cone infused frames by Shwood is another way to respect the resources around us, and share the beauty of nature.

Donate your old and gently used pair of glasses to receive a discount of 50% off of ECO brand eyewear. If you are unable to donate your used eyewear, we still invite you to participate in our earth conscience initiative by extending a 25% off discount of any ECO or Shwood brand of eyewear.

(VSP patients: Sale cannot be used in combination with insurance benefits. Please ask our staff about the best sale option for you.)

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