Summer Sunglass Sale

This summer we encourage you to enjoy the beauty of bright sunshine reflecting off of ocean waves, fireworks on a hot July night, and all of the small things that fill this season with great memories! As you prepare for the leisurely weeks ahead, we hope you are also planning to protect your eyes. The sun’s primary danger is in the form of ultraviolet (UV) radiation. When packing your luggage for a vacation this summer, it is important to realize that sunglasses are just as important to protecting your eyes, as suntan lotion is to protecting your skin. 

There are many fashionable ways to achieve optimal eye protection such as:

  • Polarized lenses. Available in gray and brown.
  • Transitions lenses. Available in gray, brown, and introducing 2 new colors, blue and green.
  • Mirror coatings. Available in silver, red, blue, green, gold, bronze, and white.

Come in and browse a large selection of sunglass frames, on sale for 30-50% off from now through July 31st.


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